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12 Benelli TNT 899 User Reviews

Great and good bike

Overall rating: 4.25
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-07-23 18:17:32

In Benelli TNT 899, performance and finesse are available. A wide power band and a slick six speed gearbox will let you amble along in city traffic without a hiccup even when you are in higher gears in lower rpm. Although when you are in the mood to have some fun, get the rev counter needle to swing... Read More »

excellent bike

Overall rating: 4.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-07-24 18:16:39

Build Quality is reassuring and the fit and finish is good. The simple design and graphics on the part digital and part analogue instrument cluster look a bit dated. However these shortcomings do little to dim the appeal of the TNT. The bike falls in between the displacement bookends created by the ... Read More »

A pleasant bike

Overall rating: 4.50
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-07-25 18:15:30

Benelli TNT 899 is a great bike to ride. It is very much comfy to ride. The engine is great with a displacement of 899 cc that delivers a power of 123.4 bhp. The bike has got futuristic and stylish looks. A carbon fibre mud guard and belly scoop and the abundance of Italian colors give the bike its ... Read More »

class bike

Overall rating: 3.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-11 12:38:14

A few days back my brother offered me to buy this bike and now TNT 899 is with me. This is an excellent bike all over. The gear facility, the suspension really suits this engine. The best part is that, with a digital speedometer and an analogue tachometer, the thrill of watching your-self fly has be... Read More »

good bike

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-10 12:37:23

The color of this bike is really awesome. This 899 cc super bike has tires that are totally loyal to the braking with their superior road grip. Front gets an option of 120/70-R17 or 120/65-R17 whereas the rear has much wider 190/50-R17 or 180/55-R17. A combination of technology and classic appeal su... Read More »

good bike

Overall rating: 3.50
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-09 12:36:30

The overall build quality is tough and tight. The braking power goes in the hands of twin 320 mm floating discs with radial mounted Brembo 4 piston calipers for the front and a single 240 mm wave disc with Brembo 2 piston calipers. That simply means a razor sharp braking experience. This 899 cc engi... Read More »

good bike

Overall rating: 4.25
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-08 12:35:48

This bike is really a tough model and I think this bike is the best in this price. It has an engine of 899 cc powerhouse and it generates 118.36 BHP @ 9500 rpm and 88 NM @ 8000 rpm. This bike is totally a monster on the streets. Actually Benelli has unveiled new surprises for the Indian bike lovers ... Read More »

just awesome

Overall rating: 3.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-07 12:34:29

Benelli has introduced the TNT 899 along with its other range of motorcycles for the Indian market. With the manufacturer's partnership with DSK Group, this bike is being targeted at consumers who are looking for very good performance but at the same time, doesn't want to spend a lot. This bike real... Read More »

Awesome Bike

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-04-28 15:09:23

I would like to review the Benelli 899 GT, this is one of the best bikes from Benelli. And also becoming the most popular bikes nowadays. This bike has a very stylish grab rail and a very nice looking under seat exhaust. The naked fairing of the bike looks very stylish. The petal disc brakes are ver... Read More »

Best in class bike

Overall rating: 3.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-05-01 15:08:33

I own the Benelly TNT 899. The overall performance of the bike is quite decent. This bike performs very well on the highways. The only drawback is that with this much of engine power, this bike is not suitable for daily rides in the city traffics. It is only good for long tours on the highways. This... Read More »


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