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    70 kmpl Mileage Bikes in India with ABS

    When it comes to buying the best range of above 70 kmpl mileage bikes in India, ABS is an important factor that most of the bike buyers tend to consider towards ensuring maximum safety and optimum performance. ABS, or Anti-Lock Braking System, in the modern bikes is the significant safety equipment that helps in the prevention of locking-up of the bike’s wheels in case of an emergency and strict braking.

    ABS – Mandated by the Government

    With the increasing number of accidents across the congested streets of the country, the Government of India has made it mandatory for all the newly-launched Indian bikes to have ABS safety mechanism towards ensuring the overall safety of the bikers.

    In addition to the safety of the bikes with the help of the ABS mechanism, the bikers also look forward to buying bikes with the best mileage offering. With better mileage assurance, the riders can be assured of better riding performance throughout. As such, the 70 kmpl mileage bikes in India are the most sought-after bike series that most bikers prefer.

    Buy 70 kmpl Mileage Bikes in India

    With the Indian two-wheeler market catering widely to the first-time motorbike buyers and those having the budget not more than INR 1 Lakh, the overall fuel efficiency of the bike becomes an integral factor. In addition to this, with the petrol price touching its highest of all times, it is vital for the motorbike buyers out there to extract the highest mileage specification out of the bike that they buy. As such, the buyers can come across a plethora of high-end bikes out there in the market featuring both above 70 kmpl mileage and ABS for topmost performance.

    When you go for buying a 70 kmpl mileage bike in India with in-built ABS specification, it helps in eliminating the skids and reduces the overall braking distances on wet grounds. Thus, it ensures that the rider does not lose his or her balance even under hard braking conditions. As such, accidents on the streets can be avoided significantly.

    We have compiled a list of the best 70 kmpl mileage bikes in India. Pick the finest bike as per your requirements and enjoy riding!