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    Scooters with ABS in India

    Scooters are increasingly becoming popular among the youth, especially the ABS scooters in India are finding quite a lot of takers. While a scooter with ABS in India is provided by various automotive manufacturers, the fact remains that most of these ABS scooters have some common features. However, if you are looking for a great scooter with ABS feature, here is what it should definitely have. But before that, it is important that you understand what exactly is different with this kind of scooter and how it is a better choice than the regular scooters that do not have this feature.

    ABS Scooters in India – How are they different?

    The ABS stands for Anti-lock Braking System. With this feature, an ABS scooter in India has additional hydraulic brakes in its front wheel. The hydraulic ABS disc brakes provide the scooter with added safety as they prevent the wheels from locking while braking. This feature has almost become a basic with all top quality scooters and bikes, and with this feature, the scooters have the best braking mechanism as the ABS disc provides the best stopping power.

    ABS Scooters in India - Features to look for

    The market today is flooded with ABS scooters with all automotive manufacturers showcasing their best. With the growing demand for scooters on the Indian roads, there is a rise in expectations too from the consumers. Scooters undoubtedly offer better fuel efficiency and are a more economical investment than compared to the cars; however, what consumers today want is a scooter that is loaded with the best features. So, here is what a good scooter in India with ABS should have:

    • 100 MPG – Scooters are popular for their fuel efficiency and if you don’t get that, you are making a wrong purchase. The new and high-end models of scooters with ABS in India offer 100 miles per gallon, which is pretty good. So, look for scooters that offer you 100 MPG for these vehicles are the perfect alternative to the cars and motorcycles to save on gas.
    • Electric Start – Electric start in scooters has now become more of a standard and this is definitely a feature that you should look out for. What is ideal is a scooter that has both kick start and electric start so that you always have an option.
    • 4-stroke Engine – Most good scooters come with a 250cc 4-stroke engine that gives you enough power to ride for several miles at a stretch. Look for scooters that come with a 4-stroke engine as these engines have the ability to deliver a speed of about 55 miles per hour.
    • Automated Transmission – When you are looking for the best ABS scooters in India, you cannot miss out on this feature of full automatic transmission. The scooters with this feature use the ‘twist and go’ throttle acceleration, and there is no clutch or gear system, making riding absolutely hassle free.
    • Storage – Storage under the seat is a basic but look for innovative storage mechanisms that are adopted by some of the best scooters in India. A latch for a laptop bag and/or a small add-on to carry your water sipper are things that will make your scooter more functional.

    Now you know what to look for in a scooter in India with ABS. So, go ahead and find your perfect scooter.