BMW, the iconic German Bike maker, has manufactured some of the most popular motorcycles in entire history. With advanced innovations in 2-wheeler technologies BMW has now enterered Indian shores with high end superbikes that includes the adventure series too. In India, motorcycle aficionados will get to vroom many superbikes and the price ranges between twelve lakhs to thirty four lakhs and the model names are F650, K1600, K1300, S1000, and R1200.

A Brief History

This company started producing motorcycles after World War 1 and the brand is now known as ‘BMW Motorrad’. It was founded in 1916 and is placed among the top three luxury automakers of Germany, the others being Mercedes-Benz and Audi. Across all its brands BMW Group has produced 117,109 motorcycles and 1,845,186 automobiles in the year 2012. The first successful motorcycle they manufactured was R32 in the year 1923, which came with a ‘boxer’ twin engine. Most of the motorcycles the company manufactured till 1980s, except for the single cylinder ones, used the distinctive layout of R32. In fact, still now buyers will find this layout in many BMW motorcycles and they are known as R Series. Another notable bike model of the company is BMW R75, produced during World War 2, which had a sidecar having motor-driven wheels. Users were able to ride this machine efficiently even off-road and is considered equivalent to jeeps. There are many other renowned series of motorcycles unveiled by the company over period of time including K Series during 1982, Oilhead or updated airhead Boxer engine during 1990s, R1200GS, R1150GS, R1100S, K1200S Sports Bike of 2004, and many more. 

Technological Advancements

Many technological innovations were done in BMW including anti-lock brakes (back in 1980s), electronic stability control, anti-skidding technology (in the year 2007), suspension design, Eagles Fork, Telelever (trademark front suspension during 1990s), and else.Motorsports, Sponsorships, and Championship WinsBMW has not only won many awards but also sponsored and taken part at various motorsport activities (since 1923). In fact, it the machines of BMW have won many competitions over the years. Some of the renowned motorsport events sponsored by the company include Kumho BMW Championship (organized in UK) and Formula BMW (Junior Racing Formula). In the motorcycle competition, the most notable win for the company was that in 1939 at Grand Prix, where Georg 'Schorsch' Meier won at Isle of Man TT. BMW Motorcycles won Dakar Rally 6 times and the years are 1981, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1999, and 2000. The company made their return at Superbike World Championship with their new superbike named BMW S1000RR.

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Users Reviews

BMW S 1000 R Standard Overall rating: 4.50 (8 Reviews)
BMW S 1000 R Standard
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 20 Jul 2015
This bike just boasts about class and power with the hardcore and naked look and it has a heart of a cheetah with a 999cc. It can reach speeds up to 255kmphon road and it even houses a state of the art stability control for both road and rainy conditions. This bike??™s a bit hard on the mileage yet it??™s a bike to rev... Read full review »
BMW K 1600 B Overall rating: 4.00 (9 Reviews)
BMW K 1600 B
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 17 Jul 2015
The bike is just great from all aspects. The engine is a super powerful one. It is the perfect combination of dynamic performance and comfort- and turning distance into free space. The in-line 6 cylinder engines from BMW are legendary. This cranks out a huge power and torque. If the rider is in the mood of sport, the e... Read full review »
BMW R 1200 GS Standard Overall rating: 4.75 (9 Reviews)
BMW R 1200 GS Standard
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 14 Jul 2015
This bike is a great one. It is very agile and has a good ground clearance. The bike can hustle up a tight canyon road at a surprising pace. When the road goes straight, the good wind protection, comfy ergos, huge fuel tank and smooth engine make gulping down several miles in one stint comfortable. The bike is best sui... Read full review »
BMW R 1200 R Standard Overall rating: 5.00 (9 Reviews)
BMW R 1200 R Standard
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 12 Jul 2015
The bike is a great one. I must say that the features are very good. There are many modes in the bike. The cruise control and dynamic ESA semi active suspension are some of the exciting features of the bike. The engine delivers a power of 125 bhp which is great. There are many modes of the engines as well. The handling... Read full review »
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Market Segment For BMW Bikes

BMW is a segment leader when it comes to commuter segment bikes. BMW two-wheelers, such as BMW R1200 RS and BMW F750 GS, have found space in the list of some of the most famous bikes in the lower segment. It is growing significantly in the power commuter segment as well, with the latest offering in the form of the new BMW F850 GS.

Performance & Mileage

BMW bikes are traditionally very reliable in nature. These bikes are considered to be one of the most efficient bikes present in the market today. They might not outperform everything in their competition but in terms of overall service satisfaction and efficiency, BMW makes the best of all worlds.