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11.16 Lac – 19.61 Lac
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  • Pros

    • Highly Capable Dual Sport That Suits India Perfectly
    • Good Performance
    • Beautiful Handling
  • Cons

    • Dual Segment Not Quite Famous In India
    • Not Exactly Good Looking For The Uninitiated
    • Priced On A Slightly Higher Side

Ducati Hypermotard Price in India

Traditionally villains in films are of two types, the fat, ugly and slow kind, and then there are the fit, good looking and knowing a lot of martial arts kind. The first lot is usually the staple of g... Read more »

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Ducati Hypermotard Overview

Traditionally villains in films are of two types, the fat, ugly and slow kind, and then there are the fit, good looking and knowing a lot of martial arts kind. The first lot is usually the staple of guns and mafia, while the second lot is mostly oriental and reliant on acrobatics. You always feel that when the second lot gets cleared of the screen space it is usually because they have to go, because they are the bad guys.

I mean you can't really kill someone that agile. The Ducati Hypermotard is that bad guy. It ain't the fat, ugly, tattooed Harley, it is the agile, airborne kicker. Ducatis are usually known for bonkers stuff but this is a different breed of madness. A Hypermotard is Ducatis take on lightweight craziness called supermotos. While others do supermoto better, no one does with as much style and good looks as Ducati. So think of this as a light weight, high riding, mayhem and grin inducing superbike. It doesn't reduce you to tears on motorway like a supermoto does and it doesn't break your back and wrists like a superbike. Different doesn't always mean good, but this one is.

Ducati Hypermotard Engine & Transmission

Supermotos are usually blessed with small, high revving powerful engines, but this is a Ducati and Ducati doesn't do small. So this one is blessed with a 821cc liquid cooled engine. Which is a downgrade from the previous model which was blessed with a heart of 1100cc. But then that was air cooled, while this one is liquid cooled, which means more revs and more power, if a bit less torque. The gearbox is usual Ducati affair, works well but doesn't have the smoothness of Japanese rivals. That said the gearbox is much better than Ducatis of old.

Ducati Hypermotard Mileage

The bike will do at least 10 smiles every 100 metres. And that is how mileage should be measured. But then it is a new concept and I don't think many will adopt it, for them the bike does around 15 Km to a litre. Maybe more. Maybe less. Combine that with the 16 litre fuel tank and you have enough fuel in the tank to be called a delinquent.

Ducati Hypermotard Performance and Handling

Rarely do Ducatis lack in power and this one isn't an outlier either. In fact 110 bhp is more than enough for a bike in this class. Considering the lack of wind protection and anything above 120 Kmph being impractical, this bike's 125mph limit is crazy. The bike weighs a paltry 175 kilos, which means accelerations is on the quick side of brisk. The bike also features a ride by wire throttle system, with eight way traction control and three riding modes. All of which means that this bike is capable of enough tomfoolery to bring a grin on your face. This is an expensive toy, but as far as toys go this is one of the best.