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One of the most renowned names in the world of motorcycles is Harley Davidson, which real men love to ride. The company introduced its long list of beasts on Indian roads back in 2009 and is already making its presence felt in the high-end motorcycle market. 

A Brief History

Harley-Davidson Inc is a renowned motorcycle manufacturer of the USA and is abbreviated as Harley or H-D. During early 20th Century, this company was founded in Milwaukee of Wisconsin, USA. One of the most important aspects of this brand is that it is one of the few motorcycle manufacturers that survived the Great Depression. It is listed at NYSE as HOG, which was earlier listed as HDI. Harley Davidson solely sold heavyweight motorcycles, which were more than 700cc. One of the traditional features of the Harleys was excessive customization, which in fact led to chopper style of motorcycle. Most of the motorcycles present now have styles similar to classic Harley designs, except for Street model families and VRSC. The company, in the quest for diversification in the two-wheel industry, tried to manufacture for light motorcycle market. However, it was a dud and the project was shelved in 1978. The company, however, decided to enter the middleweight market only in the year 2014 with the motorcycles in the Street Series. Harley-Davidson has been successful in maintaining a large as well as an active brand community. Some of the continuous processes of the company include clubs, museum activities, events, etc. In the year 2010, it has been reported that the logo, as well as the Harley-Davidson brand, accounted for 0.8% or $40 million of the net revenue of the company.

Harley Davidson In India

All bike models of Harley Davidson in India are priced within the price range of Rs. 5 lakhs and Rs. 30 lakhs.There are twelve models available and they are categorized among 5 families which are Touring, Rod, Softail and  Sportster. Each family has its own characteristic features and therefore has appealed to a large base of customers having different fascinations about the different road beasts. One of the major achievements of the company in India has been its excellent after sales service. Each dealer is associated with an active H.O.G or Harleys Owners Group, which regularly conducts events as well as rides. Moreover, the customers will also get genuine and essential accessories as well as merchandises of Harley-Davidson such as collectables, apparel, and motor-clothes to be in sync with the H-D culture.