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Hero Electric is a part of Hero Eco group which was formed in 1956. The company has been largely associated with producing environment friendly vehicles from bicycles to electric scooters. The brand Hero for bicycles has been immensely popular in India. Its subsidiaries are also into manufacturing and exporting medical equipment and other consumer goods. The parent company Hero Eco Ltd has its headquarters in London and offices in US and Germany.Its produces electric vehicles in India are under Hero Electric Vehicles Pvt Ltd and has the corporate office in Delhi.Starting in 2007, today, Hero Electric offers the widest range when it comes electric two wheelers in India. The company has its state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Mangli Plant -10kms from Ludhiana. It has been a pioneer in innovation of e-bikes in India and one of the early birds in this segment. Currently it has five models in the low speed category and two models in high speed category. The low speed models-Zion, Cruz, Maxi, Optima Plus and Wave DX give a maximum speed of 25 km/hr whereas the high speed models-Photon and E-sprint have the maximum speed of 45 km/hr.All low speed models require 6-8 hours to charge and can travel up to 65-70 kilometers on a single charge though Zion can make it up to 45 kilometers only. They are aerodynamically designed and carry 250 Watt Brushless DC motors with 48V-20Ah battery. Each model comes with specific features that make it different from the others and also show the growth in innovation of electric scooters. Cruz comes with Odometer for mileage information and Wave has mobile charger, remote locking with electronic alarm and puncture resistance types. Maxi comes with a portable charger and Optima Plus has Range Extender Mechanism facility available.The high speed models require 10 hours to be fully charged and are powered by 1500 Watt Brushless DC motors with VRLA 48V-33Ah battery. The Photon model in power mode takes you to 50 kilometers on single charge whereas E-sprint goes up to 65 kilometers. The best part is that on the economy modes both go up to 80 kilometers. Photon has iconic scooter design to attract male population to embrace electric bikes whereas E-sprint has a fluid design.Hero Electric is the first company to have charging stations and door step assistance for electric bikes. The bikes can also be bought online through Snapdeal. Hero Electric has captured half of the electric bikes market with its various models and constant innovations. With every new model new features get added which make these bikes even more desirable.