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  • Pros

    • Electric Drive
    • Low Maintenance
    • Eco Friendly
  • Cons

    • Range In suffecient
    • Slow

HeroElectric Cruz Price in India

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HeroElectric Cruz Overview

Hero Electric has given hopes to millions of people across the nation by rolling out light weight and pollution free scooters. One such extremely eco-friendly electric two-wheeler is the Hero Electric Cruz. It is not as powerful as its other siblings but still it is effective enough for a rider and pillion to ride through the city roads. It comprises of wider tyres for safe riding as during the rainy season, there is risk of slipping and falling down while turning the scooter due to wet and slippery terrain. The wheel size is 10 inches and the vehicle also has a large storage capacity. It also comes with comparatively larger seat in order to provide extra comfort and convenience to the driver and co-passenger.
Hero Electric Cruz is capable of covering a distance of 70 kilometers in one full charge of battery. However, it isn't too fast as some of the other Hero scooters but it manages to maintain a constant speed of 25kmph. The scooter has a 48V-20 AH battery that has a power output of 250 BLDC Watt. It takes around 8 hours of time to get the battery fully charged via the E-bike charger. It has drum brakes fitted in both the front and rear brakes. It has been presented in two dynamic colors by the company - Black and Burgundy. Also, there is an Anti-theft alarm to avoid any mishap and lower down the concern of vehicle burglary. Unlike several other vehicle in its segment, it doesn't require a valid driving license and also no registration is needed in the regional transport office (RTO).
The Hero electric Cruz has an Ex. Showroom (Delhi) price of Rs. 35,990 which seems a bit unfair looking upon the below average top speed of 25kmph and lighter battery installed in it. But, the praiseworthy component here is the advanced throttle mechanism which responds almost instantly to the rider and accelerates the scooter. But, unfortunately, the top speed is pretty low and no one would want to reach it on this scooter. On the other hand, designing is an aspect in which the company has fared decently and Cruz is no exception. Its sleek body designing makes it desirable and tempting, like all the vehicles in the entire Hero range. Furthermore, almost negligible emissions automatically make it the most sought after scooter and the older persons have an added penchant for such stuff which is eco-friendly. Overall, due to the inclusion of wider tyres and broader seat; it can be termed a sturdy and versatile electric scooter that caters well the requirements of ladies and children.