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9 Hero Electric Cruz User Reviews

Speed is unacceptable

Overall rating: 4.25
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-15 14:30:03

Tithi you are correct. I also bought the bike buy looking at the looks and hearing that the bike is having eco friendly features, but within a month or two, I found the speed of the bike. The speed of the bike is such that I cannot cope up with that. I found that the bike is worthless, since everyon... Read More »

No hope with the bike

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-17 13:29:07

I agree with you Prithi. I lost all the hopes with the bike. It is so slow, that I cannot take anyone at the back. They all scold me for the bike. The bike is however good looking and the maintenance of the bike is also good, but the speed is really unmanageable. I cannot cope up with such a bike an... Read More »

Speed disastrous

Overall rating: 4.25
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-18 13:28:05

Subarnali, I cannot agree with you. The speed of the bike is beyond imagination and it is too bad to get a pity. I rode the bike at the beginning. The mileage and the maintenance of the bike is perfect, but the speed is a disaster for the bike. It is so bad that the low price of the bike seems to be... Read More »

Nice one

Overall rating: 3.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-08-19 13:26:58

The bike is a good one for me. It serves my purpose very well. The looks of the bike is good and I get appreciations from my friends for that. The maintenance of the bike is very much low and the bike is eco friendly too. The speed of the bike is bit low, but the price of the bike is perfect. I will... Read More »

Not so good

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-01-31 15:47:55

I bought the bike 5 months back and very down with it for I have spent nearly 60000 on it. The battery does not offer a good back up and I have to rush often to charge it. One cannot keep calculating what is left and rush back home. The bike is also slow. The after sales service too is not good. Tho... Read More »

Comfortable electric bike

Overall rating: 3.75
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-02-01 15:46:36

This is a great bike, and I am feeling comfortable to ride as Victor says. But only thing is this is slow and cant be trusted for heavily crowded places unless you are very confident. I own a business and have to travel within the city a lot, and this bike comes handy a lot. I spend less on fuel, an... Read More »

Best electirc bike

Overall rating: 3.50
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-02-03 15:45:15

This is a very comfy bike to ride, and I definitely love it. The mileage and performance are super. I love the control and handling. My son and daughter too use the bike, and they take it every other day. I love this because not all electric bikes look good, but this is an exception. The service tho... Read More »

Ecofriendly performance

Overall rating: 4.25
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-02-03 15:44:06

Even I have a worst experience with the after sales and service of Hero electric E Sprint as Manjit says. Though the bike was good, offering good performance, and mileage, the service is not great. The mileage is great, and I am also happy that this is ecofriendly but still the service has to be imp... Read More »

Good performance bad service

Overall rating: 4.00
Reviewed By: (Guest) on 2015-02-04 15:43:15

I had got the bike 4 months back, and have used it for just 1500 km. the battery is not good, and had to replace it within 3 months. The big trouble is that the after sales service is not good. The battery does not come in 33 ah. I am waiting for 3 months for a good battery and lost money and time i... Read More »

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