By: Rohit on 2015-07-20

How will be the performance of Hero Electric Photon after one year?

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Performance depends upon servicing and routine maintenance and the quality of driving.

You should carry out standard maintenance as you would with a petrol scooter although with far fewer moving parts, the motor and other electronic components are virtually maintenance free. In most cases your local scooter or motorcycle dealer/repairer will be able to advise you of their costs for servicing the conventional parts of the scooter (e.g. tyres, brakes, wheels, suspension, etc).

The electronic components (e.g. battery, charger, motor, sensors and controller etc) are sealed units and therefore require no specialist servicing during their lifetime other than routine lubrication or cleaning as directed by the accompanying documentation.

Information regarding battery life not found on the Hero Electric official website but as per users experience this scooter’s battery (VRLA 33 AH/ 48V) can be charged for at least 1000 times.

Puneet   2015-08-04 16:09:02

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