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60,000 – 90,000

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Hero Duet E
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Hero Duet E Overview

Hero MotoCorp’s ambition to take a leading position in the Indian market’s EV segment became clear when the two-wheeler brand showcased Duet E scooter at Auto Expo 2016. The scooter comes as a fully electric variant of the Duet. It looks completely like a conventional fuel powered model, but there are some distinctive styling elements that emphasize on the scooter’s environment-friendly character.Hero Duet-E Overview

Hero Duet E gets a sharp and large LED headlamp delivering strong illumination. Also, the headlamp comes flanked by integrated turn indicators. The scooter gets a fully digital instrument cluster. There will be a spacious footboard area and a well-cushioned seat to give the rider a very comfortable riding experience. The pillion rider too gets a comfortable experience and there is a prominent grab rail at the back. The scooter features a LED taillight as well. The scooter could come wearing green or blue trims across exterior to showcase the environment-friendly character.

Hero Duet E Engine & Transmission

There will be a 5kW generating electric motor that will be able to pump out 14 Nm of peak torque. Hero Duet-E Engine & TransmissionThe electric motor will get energy from a lithium-ion battery and for transmission duty, this scooter will come equipped with a CVT.

Hero Duet E Braking & Safety

It will come equipped with front disc brake and there will be safety features like anti-theft alarm, scooter locator etc.

Hero Duet E Competitors

The bike would throw the challenge to several conventional fuel powered models.

Hero Duet E Mileage

As the running range becomes the most important factor for an electric vehicle, this scooter is expected to come offering generous range. Hero Duet-E MileageExpect it to come with around 65 kilometres of running range on a single charge.

Hero Duet E Performance and Handling

Speaking about its performance, the Hero Duet E electric scooter will have an acceleration capability of 6.5 seconds to reach 60kmph from the standstill position. 

Hero Duet E What we think

Certainly, Hero Duet E will come as a very interesting product when Indian market adopts zero-emissions mobility. With an aggressive pricing, Hero will be able to grab the attention of many buyers.


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Hero Duet E – The Next Big Thing!

Hero MotoCorp showcased the Hero Duet-E scooter at the 2016 Auto expo with an aim to rule the EV segment of the Indian bike market. The scooter is a fully electric version of its cousin, the already-launched regular Duet.

With its super smart and elegant looks, the new Hero Duet 2018 model resembles a traditional fuel-controlled model with some unique and unmissable, subtle and stylish changes.

Hero Duet E Motorcycle Launch

The Hero Duet Electric Launch is most likely to happen somewhere between September and December in 2018.

The Hero Duet Electric Scooter Price in India is believed to cost something between INR 60,000 and INR 90,000.

Systematics, Ergonomics and Design

Hero Duet E comes with a sharper and intensely focussed big front and rear LED headlamp units offering solid illumination. Likewise, the headlamp has integrated turn indicators on its either side. The Duet E scooter also boasts of an instrument set-up that is digital and automated.

The foot pegs have ample legroom and easy reach for comfort and flexibility. The plush front and pillion seats carry the right amount of cushioning for a cosy and relaxing biking experience. There is a conspicuous and sturdy grab rail at the backside to provide an enhanced balance and safety to the pillion rider.

The scooter is expected to don a catchy exterior look with green or blue crosswise trims to highlight its environment-friendly persona.

Engine and Transmission Efficiency

The upcoming Hero Duet Electric bike is entirely electric in its execution. It houses an electric motor generating 5kW of power and pumping out a peak torque of 14Nm.

The electric engine derives its energy from a lithium-ion battery. For transmission obligations, the Hero Duet Electric Scooter is provisioned with a responsive CVT.

Safety Features

The bike incorporates a front wheel disc braking facility. This enables a prompt stopping power and easy inspection without removing the wheels.

Hero Duet E Scooter is armed with a scooter locator (a precision bike tracking mechanism), anti-burglary alarm, etc.

Mileage and Speed Proficiency

A crucial factor of the soon-to-be-launched Hero Duet Electric model is its running reach, which is most likely to offer a liberal mileage range. The Hero Duet mileage is expected to clock around 65km for a single charge session.

Performance and Operation

With an acceleration capacity of 6.5 seconds to achieve 60 kmph from a stop position, the Duet E Scooter will guarantee optimum efficiency and cost-effectiveness adapted to complement city traffics.

Competitive Edge of the Bike

The bike is poised to mete out a stiff competition to other standard fuel powered models.

The Verdict on the New Hero Duet 2018 Model

Undeniably, the product has garnered a lot of buzz and attention of prospective buyers for its versatility and potentials in no emission, and no fuel bills but only charging at your nearest socket.