By: Manish on 2016-05-02

Which scooter should I buy Hero Duet or Maestro Edge?

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Both scooters are powered by same 110.9cc single cylinder SOHC engine, so they have same power and torque figures, dimensions of Duet is little better than Maestro Edge as it is lengthier, have better wheelbase and more fuel tank capacity. Both the scooters are featured with alloy wheels, tubeless tyres, external fuel filling, mobile charging point and integrated braking features, Hero Duet is 6 kg. heavier in weight as it has metallic body.

So, both scooters have almost same type of features and specification and there is not considerable difference in their price ; we advise you to take a test drive and make your choice as per your need & preference, although you cannot go wrong with either of these scooter which come from the same stable.

You can check the detailed comparative features of these scooters at our below website page:

Sohit   2016-05-05 10:36:13

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