By: Asif on 2016-06-14

How to start Hero Duet when battery discharges as it doesn’t have kick-start option?
When battery discharge starter not working of new bike in that conditions we have to use kick but ganerally how many kick we have to expect from hero duet to start and what is the solution if bike is just 2 month old with 200 km running what is the oponion. And near stand hot air coming out which burn the foot while scooter is in on but not running condition.

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Yes, kick-start is a major miss in Hero Duet and neither company has featured it with low fuel indicator so that the user can be alert before battery discharges, it is only featured with self-start, so the only option lefts when battery fails is by pushing the scooter to start for the time being and get the battery recharged.
   2016-06-28 11:05:47

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