By: anish on 2015-08-10

What is the warranty and free service period on Hero Glamour?

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Hero MotoCorp warrants all its motorcycles for a period of 5 years or 70000 Km whichever is earlier, benefits of this warranty is subject to Hero MotoCorp’s terms & conditions.

Hero MotoCorp provides 6 free services on Glamour which last for around 18 months, following is the service schedule as per kms or days from pervious service free service will be availed on whichever condition gets satisfied earlier.

1st Service on 500-750 kms or after 60 days
2nd Service on 3000-3500 kms or after 100 days
3rd Service on 6000-6500 kms or after 100 days
4th Service on 9000-9500 kms or after 100 days
5th Service on 12000-12500 kms or after 100 days
6th Service1 on 5000-15500 kms or after 100 days

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