By: Suyash on 2015-11-10

What are your suggestions for Hero Glamour safe long term storage?

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We would like to suggest you following things for safe long term bike storage:

• First and the best is to completely drain the bike of all fuel (tank and all) as Modern gasoline (petrol) is made up of many compounds so light, some heavy, thus storage outside of a sealed container the lighter elements are allowed to evaporate into the atmosphere and leave the heavy ones behind and this evaporation leaves a gummy varnish behind and in turn clogs the small orifices in the fuel system which degrades the internal parts and causes poor performance.

• To keep a battery fresh make sure its fully charged then pull it out of the bike, wrap it with some cloth, this will keep it topped off with juice while the bike is sitting idle

• Engine oil should be changed before storage as combustion contaminates the oil with acids and other crud that can scar and oxidize the bearing surfaces over time, the similar is true if the transmission is a shared sump.

• Also remove the spark plug and fog the cylinder with a good penetrating oil or cylinder fogging oil to prevent stuck rings and condensation.

• If possible putting the bike up on blocks with the tires completely unloaded is best as this will reduce damage to the sidewalls and radial cords (if a radial tire) and prevents flat spots and if putting on the blocks is not possible over inflating the tyre is the next best thing.

• Electrical grease should be applied on all the electrical connections and light sockets.

• Last but not least is to cover the bike to protect it from dust and debris that might fall onto it.

Naman   2015-12-07 12:13:36

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