By: Wasil on 2015-11-08

What should I do to prevent the fading of my bike’s color?

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Our suggestions to keep your bike’s paint from fading are:

• As far as possible, try to park your bike under the shade and not directly under the sun. However, if you cannot avoid this, then you must use a bike cover with ultraviolet protection, especially if your bike is parked for a long time under the sun.
• It is very important to wash your bike at least once in two weeks. Washing your bike properly will help you to remove a number of chemicals that your bike is always exposed to.
• Most of the bike polishes that are available in the market contain a lot of abrasives and these can cause the removal of tiny bits of bike paint and also cause the elimination of the protection that is present in your bike finish. Thus, the bike paint becomes quite vulnerable with the aging effects.
• It is important to wax your bike as it has a number of advantages over bike polishing. Waxing will not remove any of the surfaces that is generally caused due to abrasion and it actually adds a new layer on top of the bike’s finish which will further provide an additional protection over your bike paint.

Parth   2015-12-01 11:02:15

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