By: Anayatullah Sheikh on 2014-09-27

when i start the acceleration is low . What can i do ?
When I start the bike.its acceleration is low .then I rise its starting. Mean while in riding it also resches zero and the bike gets off. What is the problem?

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The problem of engine getting of while riding indicate problem in ignition system and fuel supply system. The high carbon deposits in the combustion chamber could be the problem which means the de carbonisation of head assembly is essential. Apart from that the fuel supply sytem also needs to be serviced. A detailed servicing of the bike would resolve the problem completely. For temporary purpose, you can get the engine tuning which include clutch adjustment, checking of fuel supply, condition of spark plug etc done with help of relaible mechanics. Recommended to take it to authorised service center.

Sumit   2015-07-20 18:28:43

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