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Hero Leap
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Hero Leap Overview

The hero is not only exploring its luck in the conventional fuel powered scooter segment in the Indian market, the homegrown two-wheeler manufacturer is keen to take a leading position in the eco-friendly segment as well. One of the products focusing that segment is the Hero Leap hybrid scooter. In terms of design, this scooter will come with a unique appearance.Hero Leap Overview

It will get a sleek and lean look. There will be a round shaped LED headlamp at the top, while at the centre of the front cowl, there will be a secondary round shaped LED lamp as well providing additional illumination. The scooter will come equipped with a compact visor. Expect a fully digital instrument cluster to be there showing various information.

A spacious footboard area, well-cushioned seat make sure, the scooter offers the rider a comfortable riding experience. The pillion seat too comes offering comfort and there are split grab rails. A LED taillight adds zing to the model.

Hero Leap Engine & Transmission

The power source for the Hero Leap is a Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) motor that draws energy from the lithium-ion battery pack. This electric motor is capable of generating 10.7 bhp of peak power and 60 Nm of impressive torque output as well. The torque is available from zero rpm and this fact certainly makes the scooter more attractive.Hero Leap Engine & Transmission

What’s more appealing is the scooter gets a 124 cc petrol engine that makes sure the scooter runs several more kilometres, thanks to a 3-litre fuel tank. Also, the petrol motor is combined with an onboard generator that provides charge to the lithium-ion battery pack. Clearly, the scooter comes equipped with some high-end and efficient technology.

Hero Leap Braking & Safety

For braking duty, the Hero Duet hybrid scooter will come equipped with 240 mm Brembo twin-piston disc brake at the front, while the rear will get a drum unit.

Hero Leap Competitors

Hero Duet hybrid scooter won’t have any direct competitor immediately. But, it would throw challenge to some premium models on offer in India.

Hero Leap Mileage

Expect the scooter to run a pretty impressive range without refuelling or recharging.Hero Leap Mileage

Hero Leap Performance and Handling

The scooter will certainly come ensuring an impressive performance and handling quality of the scooter too will be good. Expect it to be capable of running at a top speed of 100 kmph.Hero Leap Performance and Handling

Hero Leap What we think

Considering the fact that India is thriving towards green mobility, the Hero Duet hybrid scooter could be an interesting product and if the brand keeps pricing of the model aggressive, this will certainly see success.

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Customer Questions and Answers

Customer Questions and Answers (2)

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  • What is the expected launch date of Hero Leap in India?

    Sunith   2018-08-12

    The Hero Motocorp has not officially announced the launch date of the Hero Leap as it is a concept bike. It is said that, that it will host an 8kw lithium-ion battery which will be equipped with a 3-Litre petrol tank which combined will deliver 4 times more range in comparison to its motor. The 125cc engine will deliver a 60Nm torque. Before it will be launched in India it is said to be expor... Read More

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  • When is the expected launch of the Honda Leap?

    karan   2018-06-27

    Hero Leap was showcased in 2014 Indian Auto Expo. After that Honda has not shared any information about the launch of the scooter in India. Read More

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Hero Leap Overview

Hero MotoCorp revealed the revolutionary Hero Leap, an electric scooter, at the Auto Expo 2014. The scooty new model is expected to be launched in India soon enough. The Hero Leap Hybrid is the first-ever hybrid electric scooter to be developed by the famous two-wheeler manufacturing company. The electric scooty sports high-end features to make it a flagship hybrid scooter model by the manufacturer.

Mileage & Features

With its mileage details still unrevealed, the hybrid scooter is expected to return a good mileage value for enhanced performance. In terms of its looks and features, the all-new bike from Hero MotoCorp receives a highly futuristic design. Towards its front, the attractive headlamp is positioned between the convenient handlebars. At the same time, a unique “position light” sits at the center of the scooter’s apron. The new-generation hybrid scooter model receives an all-LED lighting system – both at the headlight and tail light. The buyers can also expect a completely digital instrument console for enhancing the contemporary look of the advanced scooter.

Engine & Transmission

The main source of power for the Hero electric bike is the 8kW PMAC (Permanent Magnet AC) motor. The motor of the hybrid scooter gets its power from the Lithium-ion batteries with its rating at 60 Nm. The electric motor of the scooter is able to generate around 10.7 bhp. While the power value might be on the lower end, the impressive 60 Nm of peak torque makes the hybrid scooter more powerful and attractive.

The two-wheeler manufacturer Hero MotoCorp claims that the petrol engine can help in extending the overall range of the hybrid scooter by around four times. As such, the all-new Leap scooter comes along with a range extender – a highly efficient 124 cc engine that makes use of the petrol engine from the 3-litre fuel tank to derive the riding power. The petrol engine of the electric scooter is connected to the on-board generator, which helps in directing the energy towards the lithium-ion batteries.

Performance & Handling

Though the power generated by the electric motor of the hybrid scooter might be lower, the utilization of the petrol-based range extender can help in improving the overall performance of the scooter. On the handling front, the presence of a spacious footboard area along with the well-cushioned seats ensures a highly comfortable riding experience.

Braking & Safety

The braking capabilities of the Hero Leap hybrid scooter in India are handled by the presence of twin-piston 240 mm Brembo disc brake towards the front. The rear unit receives a drum braking unit.


Being the first-ever hybrid scooter model in India, the Hero Leap motorbike will not have any direct competitor as of now.

The new-generation Hero Leap still appears to be in its development stage. With its green approach, the hybrid scooter model in India is going to be an interesting product.