By: Shreya on 2015-06-23

Does Hero Maestro not give much pick up after one year of use?

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No this is not true, actually not only “Hero Maestro” but any vehicle after purchasing needs maintenance and servicing on regular intervals otherwise they will not perform well, by learning about your vehicle and how to properly maintain it, you can be assured that not only are you getting the best possible value for your money, but that your vehicle continues to provide service for many years to come.

(1) Following are some tips to maintain your scooters pickup
(2) Perform Regular Maintenance
(3) Use motorcycle-specific oil and a high quality filter. Change the oil and clean or change the filter as needed.
(4) Maintain Carburetor Settings
(5) Check tyres Pressure regularly
(6) Lubricate control pivots and cables, and replace worn cables.
(7) Adjust throttle cable length.
(8) Adjust and lubricate the chain regularly.

Nishaan   2015-07-16 13:12:36

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