By: Suhaan on 2015-10-03

Why the mileage of my Hero Passion is lower than expected?

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As per users experience the mileage of Hero Passion bikes is 65-70 kmpl, but the mileage you mentioned (25-30 kmpl) is really too low, following are our suggestions to improve your bike mileage:

• Get the carburetor tuned for optimum performance, refer to your user’s manual for the recommended setting.
• If air filter is clogged, if yes then get it cleaned from authorized dealer’s workshop.
• Check both wheels for free rotation
• Check all control cables for free operation.
• Confirm that there is no leakage of fuel.
• Bike should be driven at the optimum speed (50-60) kmph beyond this speed, more fuel gets consumed.
• Bike should be serviced on regular intervals
• Maintain correct tyre pressure & check it periodically
• Never park the bike in direct sunlight to avoid evaporation of fuel.
• Always fill the fuel at reputed fuel pump.

Anjni   2015-11-06 11:24:31

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