By: Parashar on 2016-04-14

How can I improve pick-up of my new Hero Passion Pro bike?

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As your bike is new so presently it might be in run-in period, most manufacturer mention first 1000 kms as run-in period, we hope that after first service and oil change this issue should be resolved as during run-in period bikes don’t give their best performance as engine need to settle down making things inside it smoother, but if your bikes run-in period has over and it has already been serviced we advise you following things to improve pickup:

• Check the carburetor setting, it should be as recommended in the user manual.
• Check whether brakes are not too tight.
• Check whether wheels are rotating freely.
• Check the quality of fuel, it should not be adulterated.
• Adjust and lubricate the chain regularly.
• Use motorcycle-specific oil and a high quality filter. Change the oil and clean or change the filter as needed.
• Check tyres Pressure regularly.

Kalpana   2016-04-18 15:01:25

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