By: md nafis on 2015-03-16

How many times should I schedule servicing of Hero Passion X Pro?

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Hello Md Nafis !!

The old assumption for the bike servicing was that if it hasn’t broke, don’t fix it, many modern bikes have the long service intervals and are more reliable than the bikes of the past but don’t let this make you satisfy, regular check-ups are essential for the well being of bikes.
Routine preventive maintenance programs are must to prevent any major problem. The hardest part of making a routine maintenance program is to decide what to check and when to check; fortunately this difficulty has already been solved by the bike manufacturing company. Service manual provided at the time of purchase has a list of prescribed maintenance task that should be performed according to schedule which makes the life of bike long without much effort.
The frequency with which your bike needs service will depend on your riding style, if a person who rides everyday would probably have to check their bikes more frequently than someone who only rides on the weekends and frequency of the service also vary bike to bike, better you follow service manual provided by the dealer.

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TeamBikeportal   2015-06-18 12:02:50

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