By: athira on 2015-02-28

Is riding Hero Pleasure comfortable for short people?
Is riding Hero Pleasure comfortable for short people whose height is less than 4 feet?

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Hello Athira !!

It’s not just rider height and vehicles seat height that contribute to difficulty in managing vehicle. There are other factors to consider, for example, the vehicles height, weight, centre of gravity, weight distribution, seat width, head angle, reach to the handlebars and many other things. Also, different vehicles will fit different people in different ways things like foot-peg placement and seating position vary a lot from one rider to another. Your inside leg measurements and general strength, don’t forget, short men are more comfortable in handling vehicle comparative to short women because they are comparatively more physically strong.

As per company the seat height of Hero Pleasure is 765 mm and the height of a 4 feet woman is 1220 mm. As per users experience having a four feet height is not a big hindrance in riding Hero Pleasure because it is not necessary that both feet should be firmly planted on the ground a single feet will do and putting-on thick sole shoes can also help in making contact with the ground, if you still have some doubt arrange a test drive for her to check how she really feels.


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TeamBikeportal   2015-06-04 18:56:28

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