By: Harpreet on 2015-06-16

Why should I buy Hero Pleasure?

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Hero Pleasure is the simple looking gearless scooter, which is build with the philosophy of minimal design and this minimal design results in lightweight scooter, which is very easy to ride in traffic. The 102cc engine of Hero Pleasure is capable of producing 6.7bhp and 7.85Nm of torque, which shows that this scooter is more fuel economy focused. Then the 1,750mm long, 705mm wide and 1,100mm tall is perfect to handle and steer in traffic where good ground clearance of 125 mm is simply perfect for Indian roads. According to me this is the well-designed gearless scooter to provide decent combo of balanced performance and fuel economy.

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TeamBikeportal   2015-06-16 12:57:21

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