By: Radham on 2015-06-16

Is Hero Pleasure perfect to ride in city traffic?

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Now a days heavy traffic jams has become part of out daily life and according to fact and figures if you are not riding on a two wheeler then there are more chances of getting late to your destination. According to this having 750mm long, 705mm wide and 1,100mm tall measurement two wheeler is perfect to move swiftly in traffic and there should be no doubt that these dimensions belongs to Hero Pleasure. Apart from being compact size good throttle the brake response is also required and no doubt this is also present in Hero Pleasure. Overall Hero Pleasure is perfect gearless scooter to move in traffic and crowded places, as this scooter is easy to steer and handle because of its lightweight design.

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TeamBikeportal   2015-06-16 13:01:41

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