By: Shlok on 2015-06-16

How is the running and maintenance cost of Hero Pleasure?

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Running and maintenance cost is one of the major deciding factor for any mid salary customers in India and there is no doubt most of the buyers are mid salary customer, which means that the products with high running cost and high maintenance cost doesn’t gets good attention while products with good fuel economy and low cost of maintenance gets good attention in Indian market. Through Hero Pleasure, Hero MotorCrop want to attract the customers and get a good market share in gearless scooter market, so they created this gearless scooter which is compromised in terms of performance but when it comes to fuel economy then this gearless scooter have no match in its segment under this price tag. The maintenance of Hero Pleasure is also very reasonable as performance is minimized, which means only minimal components are required to complete the engine and these components are easy to find, and comes with reasonable price tags.

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