By: Abhisek roy on 2016-06-16

How much kms can I ride on Hero Pleasure in a single day?
How kilometers I can ride on a single day by hero pleasure

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If you are fit enough, you can ride Hero Pleasure 400-500 kilometers in a single day, but to be frank this scooter is not designed for long drives, it has been designed specifically for short distance commute, hence this type of scooters are mostly seen in cities and rarely on highway, so if you use it for long drive it could take toll on your health and its engine also gets heated up early as it is covered, tyres are small hence more vibrations felt on bad road. It is advised to take short breaks after every 50 km or 1 hour if this type of scooter is used for long drive so that rider can relax a little while the engine cools down.
   2016-06-28 12:51:47

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