By: Drishyam on 2015-12-16

My Hero Passion Pro headlight is dim how can I make it bright?

1 Answers

The two most common reasons of dim headlight are lack of power to headlight and low wattage bulb.

Dim headlights at idle may be improved by setting idle speed higher, but avoid setting the idle so high that the bike tries to move without applying additional throttle or that the tire spins fast while on the center stand. If your headlights are always dim check the stator's output.

Lights may also be dim if there is a poor connection somewhere in the system. Check connections at the stator, regulator/rectifier, battery, headlight on/off switch, high/low beam switch, and at the headlight itself. Also verify that you have good engine, frame, and battery grounds.
If you are unable to solve the problem we advise you to take your bike to your local Hero MotoCorp service center as they will completely check it and fix the problem.

Himesh   2015-12-21 13:46:54

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