By: Himanshu on 2015-12-02

Why my Hero Xtreme vibrates beyond the speed of 60 kmpl?

1 Answers

The reason of vibration might be the low engine oil as because of it excessive heat and friction occur which creates vibrations.

Following may be possible reason of low mileage and our suggestions to improve it:

• Get your bike serviced and change oil as prescribed by manufacturer a well serviced bike give better mileage.
• Get the carburetor tuned for optimum performance.
• Air filter might be clogged if yes then get it cleaned from authorized Suzuki service center.
• Check freely opening & closing of chock lever / knob. If sticky get it repaired.
• Check both wheels for free rotation
• Check all control cables for free operation.
• Maintain correct tyre pressure & check it periodically
• Bike should be driven at the optimum speed (40-60) kmph beyond this speed, more fuel gets consumed.
• Clutch lever should not be pressed for long while driving.

Kapil   2015-12-15 12:32:30

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