By: Moutushi on 2016-07-08

Which scooter is better between Activa 3G and Activa 125? Are Activa 125 and Activa 125 Deluxe both same?
Honda Activa 3G or Honda Activa 125 which is best?Honda Activa125CC and Honda Activa 125CC Delux both are same scooty or different?

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Activa 3G is a 110cc scooter while Activa 125 as the name suggests a 125cc scooter, so obviously Activa 125 has better power and torque figures than Activa 3G. Activa 125 also has added advantages of front telescopic suspension and disc brakes. In terms of fuel efficiency Activa 3G has upper hand over Activa 125.

So, finally it depends on you, if your preference is for performance and better ride quality choose Activa 125 and if your performance is for little better mileage choose Activa 3G.

The difference between Activa 125 (Standard) and Activa 125 (Deluxe) is that Activa 125 (Standard) is featured with drum brakes and CBS while Activa 125 (Deluxe) with front disc brake, CBS and alloy wheels.

   2016-08-01 12:12:00

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