By: Gauri on 2015-03-29

Is Activa with side wheels a good option for handicapped people?

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Honda Activa is very easy to control and drive around because its weight distribution is simply perfect, which results in easy heading and control. If you are planning to buy this gearless scooter for someone who suffers from leg-related ailment then going for Honda Activa is a good choice. After installing the side wheels in Honda Activa you will only have to operate the brakes and acceleration from the handle it self as balancing work done by side supportive wheels. Although for fuel filling you still need to open the seat because fuel tank is under seat, opening the seat could become problem for them. Regarding that you can have a look at alternatives like the TVS Gusto which offers a wisely placed fuel filler or the Mahindra Gusto that offers a height adjustable seat.

Ashish   2015-07-16 18:14:13

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