By: Sanchit on 2015-06-03

What will happen if we put out the air filter of honda activa it will harm the engine or not ?

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Air filter is a covering over the air intake valve of the engine. The main purpose of the air filter is to clean the air and stop dust particle from going inside the engine. If you remove the air filter then the first thing which you'll observe is the enhanced performance that though because of free air intake for the engine. But this performance will come with the ugly sound and for the cost of engine. The open air intake may allow dust particles to get in the engine increasing the wear and tear of the engine and may also collapse the engine permanently. We highly recommend you to not to do anything like this with the engine as engine is the backbone of the vehicle. If you want to improve the vehicle's performance, you could give aftermarket air filters a try.

Musheer   2015-07-21 15:03:21

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