By: Ankit on 2015-10-03

Does the color of Honda Activa 3G scooter fade in sunlight?

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Definitely, paint will fade not only of Honda Activa scooters but of any vehicle of any company, but there are steps you can take to prolong the fading process and keep your scooter looking nice longer. The most well-known contributor to paint fade is ultra-violet rays, and that means sunlight. There are many people who believe that it's the only cause, but it's not as pollutants and other chemical and biochemical residue contribute to fading. Abrasive cleaners can be another culprit.

So to avoid the color fading, you should try to park your vehicle in the shade. If it's going to be parked for a long time in the sun, consider a scooter cover, make sure you get one that has ultraviolet protection. Applying a clear coat over the paint will also help to protect against chemicals and (to some degree) ultraviolet rays. Many scooter polishes have abrasives so avoid them.

Through proper care you can keep your scooter looking newer for a lot longer.

Shubh   2015-11-30 13:45:53

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