By: Honey on 2015-12-09

Why my Honda Activa scooter leaks oil from exhaust?

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Oil discharge from the exhaust is likely to be caused by one or more of the following:

• Oil level may be too high, this should be the first check, make sure the oil level is below the maximum allowable oil level.
• Exhaust oil mist separator element damaged or overloaded with contaminants from the oil and no longer functioning.
• Exhaust oil mist separator not sealing correctly into its housing in the exhaust cavity. Check the seal on the end of the separator element and try retightening the element
• Blocked oil is returning from the exhaust cavity.

We advise you to take your scooter to authorized Honda service center as they will check it thoroughly and fix the problem.

veeru   2015-12-31 12:50:57

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