By: Lokesh on 2015-12-03

What is the meaning of Honda HET?

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In order to make the engines more efficient without making any major structural changes Honda engineers fine tuned multiple areas, the combination of which is known as Honda Eco Technology (HET).

HET primarily aims at reducing the friction in the engine and features lightweight components, which enables an 11 % increase in fuel efficiency over the older variants. In order to lower friction, Honda engineers included an offset crank. Crankshaft is usually placed in the lower centre of the engine and offsetting its angle reduces the friction from the side walls of the cylinder. The considerable reduction in friction directly translates into lower loss of power. The effects of these changes are evident on the road as the engine feels smoother than the earlier unit.

The second area to have undergone a change under HET was the combustion process. This has primarily been achieved through changing the air intake pipe’s design. It has significantly improved the air flow due to a smoother surface. The overall improvement in combustion plays an important role in lowering fuel consumption, owing to lesser wastage of unburnt fuel.

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