By: Saral on 2016-05-01

How can I confirm whether Honda Activa scooter is featured with HET?

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Now all Honda scooters (3G, Dio, Activ-i, Aviator and Activa 125) are featured with newly adopted HET (Honda Eco Technology), which improves combustion, optimizes transmission and reduces friction in the engine hence enhance the mileage efficiency and the power of the engine, you can confirm whether Honda scooter is featured with HET by:

• A small HET badge on the left-hand side panel of the scooter which distinguish it from older models.
• New spark plug and optimized inlet port for improving the combustion.
• Offset crank made of lighter materials to reduce the friction.
• Low tension piston ring.
• Improved bearing oil seal.

Shyam   2016-05-03 15:59:26

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