By: Dv on 2016-06-29

Why my fuel gauge indicates incorrect fuel quantity?
After the fuel metre strikes the red point the E point of activa 3G, after pouring arround 2.85 litrs of petrol, my fuel metre jumps to F. Idicating full. What is the problem while the tank capacity is 5.5 ltrs it gets full in 3 ltrs. Can not understand what is happening. I had made service centre to change the fuel metre then they changed the inside one which is used to deflect fuel metre, in the fuel tank. Please tell me what should i do now???

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Sometimes the float in the tank can take on fuel which causes it to sink hence fuel gauge indicates incorrect quantity; it seems that service center people haven’t fix the problem properly; we advise you to take your Activa scooter again to service center and ask them to either fix it properly or replace the entire system if it can’t be repaired.

   2016-07-18 18:14:41

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