By: Sapna on 2015-03-19

Why my Honda Aviator gives mileage below 45 kmpl while I bought it only 1.5 years before?

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Hello Sapna !!

Mileage / average fuel efficiency heavily depend on riding quality, also highway mileage and city mileage differs. Traffic condition also impact mileage, the mileage claim by the manufacturing company is the mileage tested in optimum conditions. The ARAI certified mileage of Honda Aviator is 66.7 kmpl.

After buying the bike there are certain guideline which should be followed else not only “Honda Aviator” but any vehicle won’t be able to give its optimum mileage,

Some guidelines are:
Driving at steady speed.
Maintaining correct pressure of the tyres.
Adjusting drive chain tension correctly.
Tuning-up the engine and servicing at regular intervals by an authorised workshop, make sure all the periodic servicing works that are mentioned in the owner's manual are done correctly during servicing.
Scooter should not be parked under direct sunlight as it causes evaporation of petrol.
Brake pedal should not be pressed for long while riding.
Engine should be switched-off if the halt is more than 30 seconds.
Inlet of air filter assembly should not be covered.

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TeamBikeportal   2015-06-18 12:35:25

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