By: Ruhaani on 2015-05-20

What is fuel tank capacity of Honda Aviator?

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Hello Ruhaani !!

The Honda Aviator is a nice looking gearless scooter and this scooter has gained good attention in Indian market because this scooter comes with low cost of ownership which is generally base line to buy for Indian customers, and unique looks. Honda Aviator has a fuel tank capacity of around 6 litres and it is capable of giving a fuel efficiency of around 50 kmpl in the city and 60 kmpl on the highways. So with a full fuel tank capacity you can go 300 kms in the city and 360 kms on the highways, which is pretty good for a scooter of this price range.

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Team Bikeportal

TeamBikeportal   2015-07-08 11:54:16

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