By: Vishal on 2016-02-12

What is difference between CB Shine & CB Shine SP?

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The main difference between Honda Shine SP and older Shine is of the extra 5th gear; Shine SP is mated to 5 speed transmission gears while older CB Shine has 4 speed transmission gears. As per company the extra 5th gear of new CB Shine SP will certainly help to have higher figures of top speed, better pick-up and will also help in comfortable long journeys with better fuel efficiency.

Honda Shine SP is featured with Honda Smart Power (SP) technology, it is a start/ stop function, that automatically cuts off the power to the engine while the bike is standing still, say for example at a traffic signal. The engine will come back in when the clutch lever is depressed again. This SP technology helps the engine deliver better mileage.

The dimensions of both the bikes are almost same as the same chassis has been used and both the bikes are featured with same type of tyres. Other differences are of look and design.

Saluja   2016-02-29 11:26:03

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