By: Ankit on 2016-05-03

Why does my new Honda CB Shine make rattling noise?

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Your bike is new, and presently it is in run-in period, most manufacturer advise first 1000 kms as run-in period, so hopefully after first service and oil change this issue should be resolved as engine needs to settle down to make things inside it smoother. Another common cause of rattling noise is the low engine oil level, when the oil level is low engine cam followers or lifters will lose pressure allowing excessive clearance in the valve train causing a rattling noise. If the problem persists even after first service we advise you to take your bike again to your local Honda service center for through examination to ascertain the main cause of rattling noise as there may other possible causes like:

• Spark plug might be incorrect.
• Carbon built up in the combustion chamber.
• IC igniter problem.
• Valve clearance incorrect.
• Fuel might be of poor quality.
• Etc.

Suchit   2016-05-05 11:06:14

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