By: Pulkit on 2015-08-06

Will Honda Shine slip when the tyres get slightly old?

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Not only Honda Shine tyres but every vehicle tyres and their structural integrity degrade over time, and this will happen regardless of vehicle being used regularly or not, tyre ageing is the result of the chemical reaction of the rubber components inside the tyre. This reaction is fastened by sunlight and heat. Tyres also become worn and as time goes by they lose their tread depth and their ability to grip the road.

Tires have a lifespan of five to eight years from date of manufacture, even if they are never used. All tyres are stamped with a code located at the sidewall that will help you determine the age of your bike’s tyres, these codes are not easy to read so if you are unsure about the age of your tyres, you can ask your local tyre expert.

Tiram   2015-09-21 12:23:05

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