By: Nilesh on 2015-07-15

What is chain setting problem in Honda Shine?

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Chain setting is adjusting the proper tension of a bike’s chain, there may be many reason of chain loosening like, if the nuts holding the rear axle become loose the wheel can slide forward which shorten the distance between engine and the wheel this causes loose chain, sprocket may not be straight an uneven sprocket also causes chain loosening, way of riding a bike etc.

Chain loosening can happen with any chain driven bike not necessarily with Honda Shine only. You’ll probably need to adjust the tension of the chain, clean it, and lubricate it roughly on regular period (more often if you put a lot of miles on your bike). Remember that the primary source of information on chain adjustment for your bike is the owner's manual. 

Chauhan   2015-10-01 13:47:17

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