By: Ruhaan on 2015-10-02

What to do with carburetor and chain sprocket problem of my Honda Shine?

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Chain sprocket problem (chain loosening) can occur with any chain driven bike not necessarily with Honda Shine only. You need to adjust the tension of the chain and do its cleaning and lubricating on regular basis (more often if you put a lot of miles on your bike). Remember that the primary source of information on chain adjustment for your bike is the owner's manual.

You haven’t mentioned the exact problem being caused due to faulty carburetor so that we could suggest you exact solution as there are lot of problem may occur like fuel overflow, poor idling poor fuel economy, poor acceleration, hard starting poor road performance and poor high speed performance, we advise you to take your bike to your local Honda service center they will thoroughly check and repair the problem related with carburetor.

Santeep   2015-10-27 13:25:56

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