By: Galan on 2016-02-07

I am a sales person; after riding 50 km on Honda Shine my back pains too much and the mileage is also low, what should I do?

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Some suggestions to get relief from back pain:

• Focus on good riding posture as poor posture is another major contributor of back pain, while driving your shoulders should be over your hip joint.
• Stretch your back muscle by bending forward, bending back as it is important for staying flexible and avoiding back pain.
• Try to take a short break in every 10 km and don't drive continuously to 50 km.
• Loss excess weight, if you are over-weight.

Suggestions for improving your bike’s mileage:

• Get the carburetor tuned for optimum performance.
• Check the idling rpm, it should be specific as recommended in user’s manual.
• If air filter is clogged get it cleaned from your local Hero MotoCorp service center.
• Check freely opening & closing of chock lever / knob. If sticky get it repaired.
• Bike should be driven at the optimum speed, for bikes it is economical to go in the 40-60 kmph speed excess speed consume more fuel.
• Maintain correct tyre pressure & check it periodically
• Check both wheels for free rotation
• Clutch lever should not be pressed for long while driving.
• Never park the bike in direct sunlight to avoid evaporation of fuel.

Sound from the headlight mask is not a big issue, there might be some loose fitting you can get it fixed from some local mechanics.

Vishal   2016-02-25 13:29:57

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