By: Harpreet on 2016-01-31

Why my Honda Shine stops while slowing down?

1 Answers

The possible reasons of stopping while slowing down may be:

• Your bike’s idle RPM might be lower than minimum thus engine stops; it can be easily adjusted by rotating a lever usually placed near the fuel pipe inlet on the right side.
• Your bike’s air fuel mixture might be lean and thus engine stops when slowed down. This can be checked easily at a local bike service repair shop. Ask them to check AFR (air fuel ratio) and set it as recommended in owner’s manual.

• You may be riding slowly at higher gears, to avoid this change the gears while you go slow.

Hope these suggestions will fix the problem and if not then we advise you to take your bike to your local Honda service center.

Hunny   2016-02-25 13:41:30

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