By: Nirankar on 2016-04-24

Can I find a chain sprocket having 15 teeth instead of 14 for my Honda CB Shine?

1 Answers

You might find some aftermarket sprocket having 15 teeth for your Honda CB Shine, but generally, it is advisable to change sprocket and chain components as a set, because they wear as a set and mixing an old chain with a new sprocket – or vice versa – will shorten the life of either, so it is best to change both sprockets and your chain all at once. Changing sprocket number front or rear also changes the ratio, and therefore change the way your bike puts power to the ground. We don’t advise for such modification as the chain sprocket designed by the manufacturer is best for your bike and modification may void engine’s warranty and moreover may be detriment to your life if not done precisely

Lakshay   2016-04-26 16:38:13

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