By: Sanjay on 2015-05-31

How good is the mileage of Honda CBR 250R in city traffic?

1 Answers

The company claims a fuel economy of 30-35 kmpl in the city and slightly more in the highways.Bike's mileage heavily depend on riding quality. Also Highway mileage and City mileage differs. Traffic condition also impact mileage of CBR 250. If you accelerate much the fuel economy of the bike reduces, higher the rpm more the bike consumes petrol. The bike gives best mileage if you ride your bike at 45-50 km/hr. Also if a novice rider is riding the fuel economy reduces, the bike should be serviced time to time and air filter should be cleaned frequently. Good maintainance gives more fuel economy. 

Sarthak   2015-07-22 19:01:24

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