By: Nakul on 2015-07-01

I have heard that Honda had recalled CBR 250R due to defective brake system? Will it safe to buy this bike?

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The news your heard is correct to some extent, but recalling was not for the CBR 250R bike produced between June 2014 to June 2015, but the period during March 2011 to September 2012, but that was not a big issue, the Honda had given statement at that time that “There is a possibility of limited ineffectiveness in front brake application, though this concern doesn't impact the overall braking functionality and effectiveness of front and rear brakes under normal riding conditions, we will rectify this problem free of cost and the rectification process will take less than an hour”

This was an old story, as per users experience there is no such brake problem in new Honda CBR 250R being sold right now, Honda company itself doesn’t want to sell poor quality products, company is committed to maximum customer satisfaction and highest quality products.

Vikas   2015-10-05 12:51:44

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