By: Palak on 2016-01-03

What is the meaning of V Matic feature in Honda Dio?

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Honda Dio is featured with V Matic transmission gears, V stands for variomatic here,the variomatic transmission gears consists of two basic components: a variable diameter belt pulley in the front, connected to the engine crankshaft, and a clutch/resistance-spring package in the rear (also with a variable diameter). As the engine speed increases, the centrifugal force on the front pulley moves a set of rollers which force the belt to an effectively larger diameter. Since the belt length is fixed, the rear pulley diameter must be reduced which effectively changing the ratio of the system. The advantage of the variomatic is that it will continuously adjust to suit the output of the engine without the operator 'shifting gears'.

Devesh   2016-01-18 18:33:55

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